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Home Safety - Lighting The Way

This is part three in our four part series on creating a safe environment for an aging love one. When it comes to safety in the home, prevention really is the best medicine. Elder-proofing will help your loved one maintain a sense of independence affording you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve provided every safeguard for their wellbeing.
  Lighting is important safety consideration. The correct lighting can go a long way in helping protect your loved one against falling and ensure they feel more comfortable in their home. Here’s a few simple steps to take:
Lighting the Way
- It is easier for elderly eyes to adjust if there are consistent lighting levels throughout the house, so consider using low-glare bulbs and shades.
- Nightlights are helpful to guide your parent along stairways as well as from the bedroom to the bathroom and kitchen.
- Light switches placed at both the top and bottom of stairs will ensure good visibility also ensure there are switches at both ends of long hallways .
- Install a light switch that can be reached from the bed to prevent your parent from fumbling in the dark if they awaken in the middle of the night.
- Illuminated light switches are much easier to locate in the dark, or you may choose a clap-on, clap-off lighting system.
- Make sure light switches are located near the entrance to rooms or consider adding automatic lighting where lights turn on when your loved one enters a room.
- Flashlights should be easily accessible in all rooms of the home, especially the bedroom.
Staying Safe Outdoors
  - Outside the home, make sure all walkways, paths, steps, decks, porches and entranceways have good lighting, solid traction and handrails for support.
-Exterior motion sensing floodlights will light your parent’s way and avoid the necessity of fumbling with keys in the dark.
There are many lighting products on the market today that are easy to install. By taking these simple steps your loved one’s home can remain a place of safety and comfort and you can retain peace of mind.

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